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A new Malaysian Freshwater Fisheries Research Center is now in the initial planning stage to replace the 42 year's old research center in Batu Berendam, Melaka. This is to meet the expanding research needs of the freshwater fisheries and aquaculture sectors in line with the Malaysian government's targetted freshwater fish production of 200,000 mt per year in the year 2010.

An alternative site with an area of 300 acres (Pic.1 showing aerial photograph of the area) has been identified and allocated for the new research center. It is located within the uplands of the Gelami Lemi area in the Jelebu district of Negeri Sembilan (see Map 1). The site is strategically located, being adjacent to the Malaysian's Multimedia Super Corridor (MSC), the Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) and the capital city of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur and is only 11/2 hours drive from the present center.

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The new Freshwater Fisheries Research Center in Gelami Lemi will consist of a main administrative and research building complex, a high-tech research hatcheries and pond complexes, staffs and visiting scientists quarters, sport facilities plus a recreational come nature's simulated fish breeding ground (Special effect pond). A dam will be constructed across one of the two rivers, Sungai Tinggi to create a 10 hectares man-made lake meant for other related fisheries and aquaculture research activities. The reservoir will also be the main source of water supply to the research center in particular the hatcheries and pond complexes. Alternative water supply systems including ground and rain water will be included in the design of the water supply system to enable future research on their potentials in aquaculture. The estimated cost of the center  is expected to be in the region of RM65 millions.

The center which will only be established after the completion of the EIA study, will be operating on the set of guidelines for environmentally sustainable aquaculture. For instance, most of the future ponds' effluent water will be processed and recycled and the waste discharged will be 'treated' before being released into the river. The farm complex will also be self-contained to ensure effective quarantine and containment of introduced exotic species.

Moving of the first batch staffs to Gelami Lemi was started on the 1st September, 2005. Complete move to Gelami Lemi will effective on the 1st December, 2005

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